2020.03.12 The Philippines
Support for displaced people in Tar volcanic eruption by FPIP staff

On January 12, Taar Volcano in the Tagaitai area in the southern part of Luzon Island in the Philippines erupted. The alert level was 4, which is the 2nd highest level, and the area within a 17 kilometer radius of the volcano was designated as a dangerous area. About 1 million people living in the area were called for complete evacuation.

Under this circumstances, in addition to providing relief supplies and assisting in the provision of relief supplies, FPIP staff arranged clowns and magicians to play games with children and perform magic shows in order to support local residents who were forced to live in shelters for several weeks.

▼ Appeared in Business Mirror (Business newspapers of the Philippines).

At present, the alert level has been lowered to “2”, and the situation has calmed down, but we assume the anxiety of the local residents continues. We wish all of you a peaceful life as soon as possible.